Hi, I'm Rachael
Nice to meet you!
I help people build resilient beings and business as a HeartMath® Certified Trainer & Mentor. 

After years of being physically ill and battling through high functioning anxiety, I used scientifically researched and proven techniques to reset and self-regulate my internal energy systems. 

Before I found these tools, I was an overachiever at overcaring. Outwardly I was crushing goals and killing "it". I had a devoted and loving husband, two kids, an incredibly successful career and entrepreneurial ventures, friends, family and all the blessings one could ask for. 

Here's the thing, internally I was hiding the torment of trauma, attempting to outrun the painful emotions associated with that trauma, and trying to fill the void of unworthiness by racking up as many accomplishments as possible. 

I created a dysfunctional energetic and physical relationship with achievement, always trying to prove to world and myself that I was enough...that I had value to give to the world. That mismanagement of my energy systems led to depleted resilience. 

It only took 6 weeks for me to find my way out of that darkness and now I am on a mission to light the way for the millions of others like me. 

Do you need a light to get out of the darkness?
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